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The health and safety coordinator plans, coordinates and implements all actions necessary to achieve the company’s health and safety objectives. More specifically, he/she plays a leading role in the development and implementation of activities related to occupational health and safety prevention and the management of good industrial hygiene practices.


Act as a leader in health and safety;
Support the management team and employees in prevention activities;
Ensure the development and maintenance of a proactive health and safety culture;
Develop and implement the prevention program;
Coordinate the implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the health and safety action plan;
Drafting of health and safety regulations, policies and procedures;
Conduct risk analysis;
Coordinate and complete inspections, compliance audits and risk analyses in accordance with established standards, regulations and legislation;
Coordinate the emergency response plan (training, information, etc.), as well as insurance requirements;
Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders;
Provide or coordinate health and safety training activities.

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Have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or a Health and Safety certificate with relevant experience;
3 to 5 years experience in a similar position;
Experience in a manufacturing environment; (asset)
Good knowledge of the laws and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace;
Autonomy, excellent judgment, leadership, analytical skills, ability to manage priorities effectively, team spirit, creativity;
Possess a positive attitude;
Ability to work in a collaborative and open team environment.
The masculine gender is used in this text as the neutral gender. The use of the masculine gender is intended to lighten the text and make it easier to read.

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