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The buyer is responsible for the procurement of parts, articles and supplies for all Forex Inc. plants. In addition, he/she will have to ensure a rigorous follow-up of the orders, proceed with the purchases and ensure a healthy management of the inventories, the whole with the prospect of decreasing the costs of purchase.


System maintenance, material and supplier management

Identify potential vendors and subcontractors as needed;

Maintain an up-to-date list of suppliers;Improve procurement procedures;
Coding or modifying items, parts or others in the system;

Conduct research in the various information systems available (Internet, catalogs, others) to identify parts that meet the specifications requested by the applicants;

Maintain the technical data sheets (computer and/or paper), the parts data sheets (computer) and the suppliers’ prices;

Act as an advisor to the various departments regarding costs, deadlines, quality and services;

Ensure the follow-up of the various service contracts.

Inventory management

Maintain the inventory of each sector, ensuring that the computerized data corresponds to the physical inventory;
Update the quantities (safety stock, min/max, QEC, etc.) by adjusting to the needs in relation with the maintenance supervisor, technical supervisor and the maintenance superintendent;
Performs material reception via the computer system;
Maintain the various inventory movements at a constant level of balance;
Implement procedures to maintain an accurate inventory at all times;
Supply the plant with small items and supplies;
Identify obsolete material or material that needs to be replaced in order to avoid stock-outs.
Participate in the set-up and preparation of materials for jobs.

Planning of supply requirements

Ensures the complete follow-up of the pre-established purchasing procedure;
Analyze the needs and call for tenders as required;
Analyze bids received, make recommendations and initiate follow-up;
Conclude contractual agreements;
Order the merchandise and associate the order with the documents submitted for bidding;
Welcoming suppliers and subcontractors in a structured manner, as needed;
Plan and follow up on the transportation of the following containers: ash, waste (2), metal, recycling and environmental.

Follow-up of orders

Contact suppliers and subcontractors in order to obtain details on products, conditions, etc;
Follow up with the various suppliers to ensure that the required products are obtained, and this, on time and as planned;
Carry out the analysis of the computer system automation and complete the purchase orders;
Ensure compliance with negotiated contractual agreements (prices, delivery times, payment terms, guarantees, etc.);
Participate in plant emergencies as needed (express supply);
Minimize transportation costs.

Quality control

Develop partnerships with suppliers;
Conclude agreements with subcontractors;
Conduct audits of current or potential suppliers and select new suppliers;
Coordinate the annual evaluation process of suppliers and subcontractors;
Establish, maintain, review and develop receiving inspection procedures;
Record non-conformances according to the procedure in place;
Manage non-conformances and follow up on claims to suppliers and subcontractors following costs incurred by the delivery of non-conforming materials. Ensure the prompt and proper return of materials;
Maintain, when required, catalogs, product directories and contacts;
Ensure that warranties are used whenever possible;
Visits, as needed, certain suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they can meet the needs and requirements of the negotiated agreements.

Participation in the development of the organization

Collaborate with co-workers;
Participate in meetings relevant to his/her function and to the company’s activities;
Ensures that his/her skills and knowledge are updated in a self-taught manner;
Implement and/or suggest solutions to improve the performance of the purchasing department in relation to performance indicators.


College diploma in administrative techniques, or equivalent;
At least one year of experience in the purchasing department;
Experience in computerized inventory management;
Intermediate level of bilingualism (oral and written);
Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite;
Negotiation skills and strong attention to detail;
Experience working with an ERP system and knowledge of advanced Excel functions;
Versatile, dynamic, good analytical skills


In order to facilitate the reading of this text, we have used the masculine gender as a neutral gender to designate the different genders.


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