Both in the factory and the forest, Forex carries out all of its operations with a deep commitment to sustainable development, striking a balance between the environment, the economy and the community. We have implemented a system that is continuously improved to ensure responsible resource management, a positive socio-economic impact, and the development of lasting relationships with the communities where Forex operates.


Forex Inc.’s mission is to transform forest resources into value added products in order to satisfy its customers, while maintaining efficient, sustainable and profitable operations in a safe and secure environment for its employees and communities.

Forex Inc. seeks to promote its involvement in environmental and sustainable development, for all its staff and service providers, through its commitment to:

  • Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements relating to its operations;
  • Promoting the use of products and implementing practices that minimize environmental impacts;
  • Constantly improving its environmental performance by setting objectives and measurable targets;
  • Training and informing its staff and suppliers on the impacts of their activities on the environment;
  • Making this policy available to the public.


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